One Mission: improve the developer experience starting with bug fixing

User: sorry, it doesn’t work

Dev: what doesn’t work?

User: the website

Dev: can you give me the URL please?

User: sure, it is your website URL

Dev: and what’s after the domain? the complete URL?

User: ah ok …H-T-T-P-S-:-/-/-W-W-W

Dev: ok, don’t mind. can you please make a screenshot?

User: a screen-what?!?!

Users are users. Developers are developers. Users find bug, but giving information about the context is not their concern. And that’s ok.

Developers need more information about the context. Our mission is to make the developer’s life easier when studying and fixing a bug.

And in the future, we will try to improve further and further to simplify every aspect of the development process.

Be strong. There will always be a bug and a user behind it.