Augmented Bug Reporting

No more bug issues without technical details

Have a look at this story:

How many times it happens?

The developer gets a new case and in the case title there’s only one sentence: “X doesn’t work”

So the developer opens the case hoping for some details in the description. Sorry dev, there’s only another “It doesn’t work”

The solution

Imagine if every bug case could contain:

And the best part is that the tester has to just press a button to open the case as usual on Jira, Redmine, Trello, or any other tool.

The tester can even send an e-mail directly from the system under test.

No technical knowledge is required.

Discover the tool

With Buglink the developer can analyze every aspect of a bug session: each user event, each HTTP request and response, or each DOM state.

For example, see how the developer can explore each HTTP request and response without even opening the IDE:

Talk with our team and discover how Buglink can make your company: