Forward a problem to the backend developer without even starting to debug

If you’re are a frontend developer, often you get new issues reporting a bug. Sometimes the bug is related to the frontend. Sometimes it’s because of the backend.

The problem is that you don’t know it in advance, and you have to lose a lot of time to replicate the bug, just to discover it may be a bad response to an HTTP request.

You then assign the bug to the backend developer. Usually, he/she has to replicate the bug again.

The result is that the both of you wasted time on a bug.

Is there a better solution?

Bug investigation with Buglink

Using Buglink you can investigate a Bug without even starting your localhost system.

Everything you need is already available for you: network requests and responses, DOM, console logs, etc.

So the next time you get an issue, you can browse the user requests and responses and try to figure out what you sent from the frontend, what was the response from the backend, and what you got in the following responses.

Use case: Saving and retrieving a shopping cart

This is the scenario:

  1. The user has to buy a product
  2. He saves it on the shopping cart
  3. He navigates back and the shopping cart is empty

Usually these steps involve:

Usually, you start the project on localhost, replicate the steps, and investigate the requests and responses.

With Buglink you don’t need to replicate these steps anymore. Just have a look at the requests and the responses made by the user that reported the bug. Buglink is like having a DevTools in the past:

If the POST request to /shopping-cart is correct and the following GET request gives a wrong Shopping Cart JSON, then the problem is probably on the backend and you can safely assign the bug to the backend developer, referring to the bad requests directly in the Buglink bug session report.

And if you’re asking: but how can the user report all these details? Well, he shouldn’t. Buglink collects all the technical details automatically.

Your company can fix bugs easily

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