Use case: Analyze HTTP requests and responses of a past user session

Most of the time a bug depends on a bad network request. Unfortunately it’s difficult to reproduce the exact conditions for a request and the same response. Buglink provides a new network devtools to inspect a HTTP request in the past user bug session.

The problem with bugs

When a user experiences a bug in your web application, usually the developer tries to investigate why that bug happened.

The first step is to report that bug in Jira (or your bug ticketing system of choice). A title, a description, and puff… the issue is open.

After a long discussion with the user, the developer knows how to reproduce the bug. Network panel to the rescue:

Unfortunately, the response to a specific request does not give any problem. It happens again and again: the problem was only on the user’s side and only for him. What can the developer do?

The solution: a network devtools… in the past

Buglink gives the developer a new tool to investigate the bug in the past. The developer can explore the requests and the responses made by the user, exactly when the bug was found.

The Buglink Network panel works exactly like the chrome Network panel in the browser devtools. However, the requests and the responses are the ones made by the users long ago. The HTTP calls are not live, they were recorded and now they are reproduced so the developer can inspect them.

The information available for each HTTP request

As you may expect, every useful information is provided.

For the request, you can find the URL, the method (GET, POST,…), the query parameters, and the body as an explorable JSON object. Headers are available too.

For the response you can find the status, the body and the headers too:

To help you further with the bug investigation, every field is expandable and you can quickly copy it into the clipboard or send it to the console:

Features available in the next version of Buglink

At Buglink we work hard to always improve the developer experience.

In the upcoming version, you can pin any of the request/response fields to a board and send the board to the linked JIRA issue.

Moreover, Buglink will provide some quick tools you might expect: conversion to postman, curl, the possibility to re-send the request, or edit and then send it again.

And if you feel nostalgic for the original network tool, every request is simulated in the original Network panel so you will not miss any of the tools you’re familiar with.

Your company can fix bugs easily

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