4 problems with bug fixing, 4 products to solve them

Augmented Bug Reporting

The tester writes the bug description.

Buglink adds:

No more bugs with the infamous “it doesn’t work”

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Augmented Customer Support

Customer support using a chat or by phone?

Imagine being in front of your customers, seeing their screen, their devtools, and showing them how to accomplish that use case, step by step, live on their screen.

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Use case monitoring

Regression errors are a nightmare and often the first to experience them is the final user.

It could have been a code not covered by tests. It could have been a subtle change that somehow impacted a completely different area of the web application.

It doesn’t matter: Buglink can monitor all your use cases and assure that there are no differences with the previous version of the web application.

No code is required. No more e2e tests. We do it automatically and use cases can be defined by anyone.

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Devtools are a fantastic tool to build new features. But when the developers have to debug, something is missing. The bug fixing process needs more tools.

Buglink ReDevTools is a system to extend your devtools with plugins for time travel debugging, user session simulation on localhost, and more.

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