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How many times a tester reported a bug and evwrything worked fine on the developer environment?

When investigating a bug it is difficult to replicate the user steps in a local environment. Sometimes it is not even possible for technical reasons.

And without replicating the bug, fixing it may require hours or days of work. Moreover, it’s not fun to debug. Developers love to code on features, they hate to debug.

The solution

We at Buglink are developers and software engineers. We found that the Devtools are a fantastic tool to debug our code. But it’s not enough. Especially when trying to fix a bug, we experienced the lack of an environment similar to the one of the user. And there’s no way to compare the user data with the expected data, nothing directly integrated with the browser.

So we developed ReDevTools, a cross-browser tool to expand the possibilities of what we can do to easily and quickly fix a bug.

Moreover, Buglink ReDevTools was taught from the beginning as a pluggable system, so you can decide which plugin to enable into your dev environment and easily develop your own plugins.

ReDevTools is open source.

Some plugins include:

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